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Flex CMS Templates - Flash Templates with an CMS Tool to change the content!  

  Flex Template Studio Orange You would like to pursue a flashanimated homepage, but you are afraid to handle a software like Swish or Flash? For this, we offer a solution that allows you to edit your Flash website quickly , easily and without any programming knowledge.

With our Flex CMS templates, we offer you the opportunity to present a professional-looking animated Web page without using a software like Flash or Swish.

Our Flash CMS templates are controlled by a, with Adobe Flex created CMS (Content Management System). All contents, including button labels, logo texts, general texts and images can be exchanged through the CMS tool. If you are interested in this kind of templates you send us an email and you will get a free Test Account without obligation.

Flex CMS Templates - Without Software and Incorporation to your own Flash Page  
    Here you'll find all Flex CMS Templates. We currently offer only a small number of Flex templates, however the offer grow steadily in the coming weeks:

Flex CMS Templates - an overview of the functions  

Flex CMS Tool Chnage Text inside the Flex CMS Tool

Using the Flex CMS tools, you can change and formatting text like in Word. Depending on the template, you can display text in bold, italic or underlined, or specify an arbitrary color value.
Flex CMS Tool Create Galleries / Import Photos

Each of our Flex CMS templates containing a infinite gallery where you can add an unlimited number of galleries and photos. This options are also done via the Flex CMS tool.

Flex CMS Tool Exchanging pictures

All pictures in our Flex CMS templates can also be exchanged using the Flex CMS tool. Just set your photo to the appropriate size and then upload the picture.
Flex CMS Tool Global Settings

Certain texts or settings can be determined by a global value. Change the text as "close" or "back" in the entire template with just one setting or turn the sound on or off.

Flex CMS Tool Color Variations

Some of the Flex templates offers the Possibility to change the color of the tightly integrated elements by changing only one color code. So you can change an orange-colored template to an purple-colored.
Flex CMS Tool Innovative menu guide

Just browse through all areas of the template. We displayed the contents as a tree, so you always keep track of where you are in the template.

Flex CMS Tool Form Settings

With the Flex CMS tool can also change all the form settings. Change the sender address, texts that are sent via the form, and many other options.

What includes a Flex CMS Template?  

  With the purchase of a Flex CMS templates you receive all the files you need to run your flash website.

In addition, you get from us the source files , so you can optional make advanced changes to the Flex CMS template. These files ( swi files) can be opened and edited with the program SwishMax 3
  More Infos SWF Files - Data to upload the template to your webspace
  More Infos SWI Files - for optional advanced editing of the template with SwishMax 3
  More Infos Flex CMS Tool - for changing the contents, text and galleries
  More Infos Graphic files - for optional advanced editing of the template
  More Infos Fonts - for optional advanced editing of the template
  More Infos Detailed instructions - everything explained simply
  More Infos Premium Support - Free initial installation

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