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Our support team is always happy to answer your questions and comments. If you have any questions about the processing of templates you can either contact our online support, or send us an email to support (ad) xpellshop.com

Please understand that we can´t provide phone support for technical questions. Therefore you can use our Emailsupport or goto swishforum.net, our Supportforum.


Marc Burdorf
Pastor-Abel-Straße 25
46244 Bottrop

Tax-number: 308/5013/1549

Phone: +49 (0) 2045 - 468305
Telefax: + 49 (0) 2045 - 40 64 72

E-mail: info@xpellshop.com

Live Support: Live Support Xpellshop.com

Internet: http://www.xpellshop.com

Legal Advice:

All content and image data are copyrighted. The utilization and duplication of this content and data without written permission is prohibited (§72 i.V.m. §2 Abs. 1 Nr. 5 UrhG).

With the decision of May 12th, 1998, the county court of Hamburg ruled that when links are integrated into websites, the website owner is also held responsible for the content of the linked site. This may, according to the Hamburg court, only be circumvented when the website owner expressly distances himself from that content.

On our website as well, you will find links to other websites and, in accordance with the ruling, we expressly distance ourselves from these sites. We exert no influence over their content or design.

This disclaimer is to be understood as a part of the internet offer that links to this website. If parts or single phrasings of this text are not or no longer or not entirely in accordance with applicable law, this will have no effect on the remaining parts of this document and its contents.


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